Tuesday, June 23, 2015

23 June 2015

Daily News of Today

Image result for isis sex slavesIn today's news it has been reported about women as sex slaves. The article "New Low: ISIS Reportedly Gives Away Sex Slaves as 'Prizes' in Koran Contest " explains how women are being kidnapped when men are out at war. These women are captured and are given away as 'prizes' to those fighters whom have shown have mastered Koran. This was being announced on ISIS Twitter accounts. This isn't fair to the women because they cannot fight back and stop them from being kidnapped. Men that accept these so called 'prizes' are honestly sick in the mind because I am sure they wouldn't like if it was a female in their families that was being given away as a sex slave.

The news article, "Escaped Killers DNA Found in Upstate New York Cabin", explains how a witness seen someone running towards a cabin in the woods. Richard Matt and David Sweat are two men whom have escaped from a prison two weeks ago and haven't been seen by authorities. The on going manhunt for these killers continues. Their DNA has been found in the cabin that's only 25 to 30 miles away from the prison. They are still determined to find these men. Honestly these killers need to be caught before anything horrific occurs. I would honestly be terrified to be out in the streets knowing these men are in the loose in New York still. 

"New Details Emerge in D.C Murder Case" describes more information on a quadruple homicide at a Washington mansion. This murder case occurred last month which is believed that Daron Wint is responsible for the family's death due to past history of working for them and being fired. He had made threats towards the family. His DNA was found within the crime scene so he is a suspect of the homicide case and he will be charged with first-degree murder. I hope the murder of this homicide of four counts is brought to justice because this tragic events is out putting those who are related to that family in much pain for their lost. It honestly sucks to lose a loved one and for them to have their live taken away from them isn't right and is if even more tragic. 

These news articles being talked about within today's news are related in one clear way. They are crimes being committed within society. Everyday there is acts of some sort of crimes happening somewhere in our world. Those who break the law should be brought to justice for their acts. Some people can honestly be so careless that are willing to just be apart of a horrific event and honestly don't seem like they can care any less. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June 2015

Daily News of Today

Today's breaking news consist of a deadly shooting that took place in South Carolina at a church. The article "Suspect in Deadly South Carolina Church Shooting ID'd; Manhunt Underway" identifies the man behind the gun and what had occurred. Police are hunting a man by the name of Dylann Roof for the deadly shooting that took place Wednesday night at a Charleston Church. He left nine dead, six women and three men, and fled the scene. They are currently searching for this man to be brought to justice. To imagine someone to do a shooting at a church can be so devastating because those who attend think that is their safe place. I believe it is very heart breaking that someone can just go on a rampage like that to even begin with.  

Another breaking news report, "U.S Soldier Found Dead Near Base in South Korea", explains the story of how an American Soldier was found dead during a navigation training. Citizens of Korea found Spc. Micheal William Corey near the camp on Monday. The cause of his death is still unknown so they are still investigating the incident. Corey barely join the army just last year and already lost his life. Those who have loved ones in the army are scared of that very moment that they lose their life. I have family members in the army currently and I am thankful they are still with me up to this day. I can't imagine to lose any loved ones while them serving. 

The article "Human Remains Found in Search for Missing 18-year-old New Jersey Woman" describes how a missing woman's remains might have been found. Antony Freay was arrested two days earlier on charges of disturbing human remains and concealing evidence, among with other offences. Freay confessed to dumping the girl's body there. Mila Kostadinva was reported missing last year. Authorities say DNA test will confirm that it is her body, although they certainly believe it is the girl. Honestly loving someone you love in a way of them being kidnapped is horrible. Through time you have that hope that they are still alive and you can possibly get them back, but then to find out they are found dead is heartbreaking.

All these news reports are similar in a few ways. They all consist of losing a loved one in some way of a tragic incident. People are dying every single day and a lot of them are just being killed by people who are ruthless and heartless. This world has so many crazy people out there willing to take lives. Everyone hopes all these killers are brought to justice and pay for what they have done because it is not right in any way. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

17 June that2015

Daily News of the Day

Recently being talked about on today's news is the report, "At Least 12 Dead, Tigers on Loose in Georgian Capital Flooding", explains an escape of zoo animals after recent heavy flooding. Many animals have escaped including lions and tigers. Their enclosures had been destroyed due to the flooding which led for them to get out of the zoo and into the city roaming around. At least about twelve citizens have already been killed by these wild animals. Some have already been captured or killed, but the search for the rest of the animals continues. This can be a very horrible experience for anyone to either witness or be a victim of a wild animal. I haven't been to the zoo recently, but I know for a fact if I were to experience something so horrible I wouldn't be going to visit the zoo anytime soon.  

Another news report recently released, "U.S Cities Running Out of Water", informs about the worst drought conditions occurring within cities of California. It is known to be entering the four consecutive year of the drought. These is a world issue that is affecting everyone within the United States. The long term drought has already performed dire consequences to municipal water systems, the state's agriculture sector, the environment in general, and all water consumers. This is a major concern that is even going to possibly affect where I live within California. These droughts can actually begin to worry many, although of course there is those whom believe we will not ever run out of water. 

Many of today's news reports are informing our nation about severe whether occurring around us. "Flash Flooding Reports Coming into the KY3 Newsroom", explains how a heavy band of rain began to produce flooding within Bolivar to the Lake of Ozarks area. These event took place Tuesday evening. The area will remain on Flash Flooding Alert until further notice. These rainfalls are affecting numerous areas that can take lives and destroy homes. I'm thankful these life threaten storms don't ever occur within where I live. Many should always be aware of the whether. 

These news reports all clearly relate in one obvious situations. These events are all about how water is affecting the citizens within the cities. Flooding is causing breakouts of animals apparently, and causing Flooding Alerts. Also the most major concern is the United States being in a drought that has lasted for years already. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015

News Articles of the Day

Recently reported in Fox News was an article, "'Happened so Quickly': NC Mayor Says No Time for Alert After First 2 Shark Attacks" , identifies the two recent attacks on two children. These attacks occurred in North Carolina Beach Town on a Sunday. The youth, a 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, were badly injured. Both of these kids lost their left arm due to the shark, but it is yet not known if it was the same shark that attacked both. I believe there needs to be more research done in beach town where many visit to enjoy their day. If there is something dangerous in the waters it should be known to prevent anyone ever getting attacked leading to injury or death even.

It is continued to be looked at of a case that was stated in the news before. The article, "New York Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell was Investigated for Sexual Incident with Escapee", goes more into an on going case of a woman whom helped two dangerous men escape a maximum security prison. Apparently, she believed she was in love with one of the men, so they had an unusual relationship together while the two men were in prison. Due to her cooperating with the police she will be back in court on Monday and is being charged and will be going to prison for helping. This puts people in danger due to the fact that they are dangerous men whom was sentence for committing murder. Law needs to do more research on those who they let become apart of the law because certain people are making it corrupted which causes many to not trust those whom are suppose to protect us.

"16-year-old Boy Charged in Ohio Quadruple Homicide", releases a case recently spoken about in the news. A 16-year-old boy has been charged by Police for four counts of murder and five counts of kidnapping. This event took place in Columbus, Ohio where the police arrived at a home on Saturday morning. It is clearly known the boy had killed four people, but it was not being release of why he was also charged for kidnapping of five counts. In today's society, no one can be predicted of what they might do. Anyone of any age can commit horrible crimes, but most the time it isn't known why. I believe children need to be more looked after and taken care of so they do not go down the path of a criminal because this puts anyone at a risk they might not know of yet.

These articles being talked about in the news are related in similar ways. They are all about how people are being put at risk and in danger. Even though one is being put at risk by an animal it still counts and should be taken just as seriously as murders being in our neighborhoods. I also know that law enforcement is doing everything they can to prevent these outbreaks, but there is also those who corrupt the system. People need to be more protected and safe.   


Thursday, June 11, 2015

11 June 2015

How Society Compares
The novel The Catcher in the Rye and the movie Generation Likes relate in various ways. In the novel the author throughout the story tells and explains his thoughts and feelings towards what is going on. He talks a lot about on what people are liked and which people aren't really known at all. Basically on how his view is different in comparison of how others are seeing him instance. On the other hand, in the movie that the class had recently just watch is about the same exact thing in a way. It was shown and explained on what people are actually liked and known. People put themselves out their so everyone can know what they like, do, and how they are. It's all about society and your thoughts.

Endless Limits

June 11,2015

Endless Limits
Today I have decided to share my thoughts on where I actually stand with myself as of today. Recently, I just sat there and had all these thoughts crowd up my mind. Lately I've been thinking way to much, but then I began being positive about everything that is occurring within my life as a teenager. I've let a lot get in my way within this past year which were the situations I was going through that are currently still happening, but I'd honestly call them silly now. Being positive about all that goes about is the best thing to do. Even though I don't quiet understand why a lot happens, but I realized just accepting what's going on makes it so much easier to get past it. I know I have many potentials in different areas like school, art, sports, and many other things I find important to me. My only focus now is just doing me. My goals have always been set high, but letting others get in the way of them slowed me down so much, but I can honestly say I had a lesson learned. I plan on going on a lot more new adventures trying new things, and focusing myself with what's important. It sucked going through family problems, a breakup, falling behind in school. I would look so down upon myself, but now I am determined. I would give many advice about helping them through their problems, it's about time I start to take my own advice. Everything happens within reason, accepting it will make it become it bit easier too. But of course, everything is said easier then done. Always, everything is possible, so continue to strive for your goals and what you want in life nothing has a limit. This is what I will be doing. 
June 11,2015

Legendary Actor Dies
Recently posted, the article "Legendary Actor Christopher Lee Dies" details about Christopher of who he was before his passing. Mr. Lee died on Sunday, June 7 at the age of 93. He was a British actor whom initially began his career acting in horror movies. He also was an actor for 'Star Wars', 'The Lord of the Rings', and of course many more. This is honestly sad, I grew up with my brothers watching the two listed movies he acted in. Every death is sad honestly, but Christopher Lee was an amazing actor in my opinion from the many years of him being a movie actor. 

Young Boy in Fatal Accident
In the news recently stated this morning was an article, "Pickup Runs Off the Road, Fatally Strikes Ohio Boy,13 , in Yard" explains a horrible accident with a driver and a young child on Wednesday. A pickup truck ran off the road hitting a fire hydrant and a boy by the name of Tyree King. Tyree was pronounced dead at the scene and the 71-year-old man was sent to the hospital to be treated for injuries. They are still investigating of what might of caused this tragic accident. Drives need to be more aware of their surroundings because it can honestly be the worst to get hit by a car. When I was younger I was almost hit by a car due to them not paying attention and swerving, but my sister moved me out of the way thankfully.