Wednesday, June 17, 2015

17 June that2015

Daily News of the Day

Recently being talked about on today's news is the report, "At Least 12 Dead, Tigers on Loose in Georgian Capital Flooding", explains an escape of zoo animals after recent heavy flooding. Many animals have escaped including lions and tigers. Their enclosures had been destroyed due to the flooding which led for them to get out of the zoo and into the city roaming around. At least about twelve citizens have already been killed by these wild animals. Some have already been captured or killed, but the search for the rest of the animals continues. This can be a very horrible experience for anyone to either witness or be a victim of a wild animal. I haven't been to the zoo recently, but I know for a fact if I were to experience something so horrible I wouldn't be going to visit the zoo anytime soon.  

Another news report recently released, "U.S Cities Running Out of Water", informs about the worst drought conditions occurring within cities of California. It is known to be entering the four consecutive year of the drought. These is a world issue that is affecting everyone within the United States. The long term drought has already performed dire consequences to municipal water systems, the state's agriculture sector, the environment in general, and all water consumers. This is a major concern that is even going to possibly affect where I live within California. These droughts can actually begin to worry many, although of course there is those whom believe we will not ever run out of water. 

Many of today's news reports are informing our nation about severe whether occurring around us. "Flash Flooding Reports Coming into the KY3 Newsroom", explains how a heavy band of rain began to produce flooding within Bolivar to the Lake of Ozarks area. These event took place Tuesday evening. The area will remain on Flash Flooding Alert until further notice. These rainfalls are affecting numerous areas that can take lives and destroy homes. I'm thankful these life threaten storms don't ever occur within where I live. Many should always be aware of the whether. 

These news reports all clearly relate in one obvious situations. These events are all about how water is affecting the citizens within the cities. Flooding is causing breakouts of animals apparently, and causing Flooding Alerts. Also the most major concern is the United States being in a drought that has lasted for years already. 

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