Monday, June 15, 2015

15 June 2015

News Articles of the Day

Recently reported in Fox News was an article, "'Happened so Quickly': NC Mayor Says No Time for Alert After First 2 Shark Attacks" , identifies the two recent attacks on two children. These attacks occurred in North Carolina Beach Town on a Sunday. The youth, a 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy, were badly injured. Both of these kids lost their left arm due to the shark, but it is yet not known if it was the same shark that attacked both. I believe there needs to be more research done in beach town where many visit to enjoy their day. If there is something dangerous in the waters it should be known to prevent anyone ever getting attacked leading to injury or death even.

It is continued to be looked at of a case that was stated in the news before. The article, "New York Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell was Investigated for Sexual Incident with Escapee", goes more into an on going case of a woman whom helped two dangerous men escape a maximum security prison. Apparently, she believed she was in love with one of the men, so they had an unusual relationship together while the two men were in prison. Due to her cooperating with the police she will be back in court on Monday and is being charged and will be going to prison for helping. This puts people in danger due to the fact that they are dangerous men whom was sentence for committing murder. Law needs to do more research on those who they let become apart of the law because certain people are making it corrupted which causes many to not trust those whom are suppose to protect us.

"16-year-old Boy Charged in Ohio Quadruple Homicide", releases a case recently spoken about in the news. A 16-year-old boy has been charged by Police for four counts of murder and five counts of kidnapping. This event took place in Columbus, Ohio where the police arrived at a home on Saturday morning. It is clearly known the boy had killed four people, but it was not being release of why he was also charged for kidnapping of five counts. In today's society, no one can be predicted of what they might do. Anyone of any age can commit horrible crimes, but most the time it isn't known why. I believe children need to be more looked after and taken care of so they do not go down the path of a criminal because this puts anyone at a risk they might not know of yet.

These articles being talked about in the news are related in similar ways. They are all about how people are being put at risk and in danger. Even though one is being put at risk by an animal it still counts and should be taken just as seriously as murders being in our neighborhoods. I also know that law enforcement is doing everything they can to prevent these outbreaks, but there is also those who corrupt the system. People need to be more protected and safe.   


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