Tuesday, June 23, 2015

23 June 2015

Daily News of Today

Image result for isis sex slavesIn today's news it has been reported about women as sex slaves. The article "New Low: ISIS Reportedly Gives Away Sex Slaves as 'Prizes' in Koran Contest " explains how women are being kidnapped when men are out at war. These women are captured and are given away as 'prizes' to those fighters whom have shown have mastered Koran. This was being announced on ISIS Twitter accounts. This isn't fair to the women because they cannot fight back and stop them from being kidnapped. Men that accept these so called 'prizes' are honestly sick in the mind because I am sure they wouldn't like if it was a female in their families that was being given away as a sex slave.

The news article, "Escaped Killers DNA Found in Upstate New York Cabin", explains how a witness seen someone running towards a cabin in the woods. Richard Matt and David Sweat are two men whom have escaped from a prison two weeks ago and haven't been seen by authorities. The on going manhunt for these killers continues. Their DNA has been found in the cabin that's only 25 to 30 miles away from the prison. They are still determined to find these men. Honestly these killers need to be caught before anything horrific occurs. I would honestly be terrified to be out in the streets knowing these men are in the loose in New York still. 

"New Details Emerge in D.C Murder Case" describes more information on a quadruple homicide at a Washington mansion. This murder case occurred last month which is believed that Daron Wint is responsible for the family's death due to past history of working for them and being fired. He had made threats towards the family. His DNA was found within the crime scene so he is a suspect of the homicide case and he will be charged with first-degree murder. I hope the murder of this homicide of four counts is brought to justice because this tragic events is out putting those who are related to that family in much pain for their lost. It honestly sucks to lose a loved one and for them to have their live taken away from them isn't right and is if even more tragic. 

These news articles being talked about within today's news are related in one clear way. They are crimes being committed within society. Everyday there is acts of some sort of crimes happening somewhere in our world. Those who break the law should be brought to justice for their acts. Some people can honestly be so careless that are willing to just be apart of a horrific event and honestly don't seem like they can care any less. 

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