Thursday, June 18, 2015

18 June 2015

Daily News of Today

Today's breaking news consist of a deadly shooting that took place in South Carolina at a church. The article "Suspect in Deadly South Carolina Church Shooting ID'd; Manhunt Underway" identifies the man behind the gun and what had occurred. Police are hunting a man by the name of Dylann Roof for the deadly shooting that took place Wednesday night at a Charleston Church. He left nine dead, six women and three men, and fled the scene. They are currently searching for this man to be brought to justice. To imagine someone to do a shooting at a church can be so devastating because those who attend think that is their safe place. I believe it is very heart breaking that someone can just go on a rampage like that to even begin with.  

Another breaking news report, "U.S Soldier Found Dead Near Base in South Korea", explains the story of how an American Soldier was found dead during a navigation training. Citizens of Korea found Spc. Micheal William Corey near the camp on Monday. The cause of his death is still unknown so they are still investigating the incident. Corey barely join the army just last year and already lost his life. Those who have loved ones in the army are scared of that very moment that they lose their life. I have family members in the army currently and I am thankful they are still with me up to this day. I can't imagine to lose any loved ones while them serving. 

The article "Human Remains Found in Search for Missing 18-year-old New Jersey Woman" describes how a missing woman's remains might have been found. Antony Freay was arrested two days earlier on charges of disturbing human remains and concealing evidence, among with other offences. Freay confessed to dumping the girl's body there. Mila Kostadinva was reported missing last year. Authorities say DNA test will confirm that it is her body, although they certainly believe it is the girl. Honestly loving someone you love in a way of them being kidnapped is horrible. Through time you have that hope that they are still alive and you can possibly get them back, but then to find out they are found dead is heartbreaking.

All these news reports are similar in a few ways. They all consist of losing a loved one in some way of a tragic incident. People are dying every single day and a lot of them are just being killed by people who are ruthless and heartless. This world has so many crazy people out there willing to take lives. Everyone hopes all these killers are brought to justice and pay for what they have done because it is not right in any way. 

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